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Pest problems only worsen over time. That’s why we provide 24/6, same-day services for immediate relief and peace of mind.

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Our advanced techniques earned us the award for Best of Northwest Arkansas in 2020 and 2021. We use bug-deadly products, but our methods are family, pet, and environmentally safe.


The average ant colony houses thousands of ants, creating an infestation that could include any of over 12,000 different species.


A 60,000-count termite colony consumes a 2x4 plank within five months, causing $5 billion in estate damages nationwide.
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Although spider webs provide pest control, one brown sac within it holds over 400 spider eggs, dramatically increasing the household population.
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Mosquitos, drawn to high humidity and stagnant water, cause more than itchy red skin irritations since they spread numerous diseases.
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Food, garbage, and waste attract anything from fruit flies to common houseflies that encounter and spread Salmonella and other diseases.
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Cockroaches last a month without food, meaning these nocturnal creatures can enjoy your warm abode, even in a spotless home.
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The number one nuisance pest in North America, ants make up the majority of local pest problems.


Causing more than $5 billion in damage to homes across the United States each year.


Contrary to popular belief, spiders are not insects; they are actually arachnids, closely related to ticks and scorpions.


Adapted for aerial movement, and streamlined for speed, flies are some of the most difficult pests to catch.


Not only are mosquitoes known for disrupting outdoor activities, but they are also vectors for dangerous diseases.


Mostly nocturnal, cockroaches like to seek shelter from the outdoors. Likely to gravitate in dark, warm locations.
Pest Control

When Is Pest Control in Gentry, AR, Necessary?

From roaches and mice scurrying away at the flip of a light switch to arachnophobia and myrmecophobia making you afraid in what should be your haven, common pests prove problematic. They make you and your guests uncomfortable and transmit bacteria and diseases harmful to pets and humans.

Fortunately, Flex Pest Control, with over 950 five-star reviews and top-of-the-line equipment, offers pest control in Gentry, AR, for the following:

  • Ants
  • Termites
  • Spiders
  • Mosquitos
  • And more!
Services Within 24 Hours

Bugs, fire ants, and other pests frequently reproduce year-round, some birthing hundreds of eggs at once. Because of this, one mosquito, spider, or roach looking for a dark, safe place to eat, reproduce, and live rapidly gives way to an infestation. Since each day counts, our local team provides services 24 hours a day, each day of the week except Sunday, allowing us to be at your door right when you need us. If you call before noon, we’ll arrive by day’s end to remedy your infestation issues as soon as possible.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our team doesn’t just comprise a responsive team of professionals with the highest level of training and the proper licenses. We’re dedicated to customer satisfaction which helps us get the job done right the first time. Your neighborhood Flex family treats every customer like family and each job like ours only, contributing to almost 1,000 five-star reviews. Our specialists work to fix the issues within one visit and provide lasting relief with top preventative methods before cleanup. If lingering pests remain or you’re unsatisfied with the outcome for other reasons, we’ll return within 24 hours to make it right.

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Pest Control

Effective Termite Treatment in Gentry, AR

Termites don’t sleep, leaving them more time to build colonies, some record-breaking ones surpassing three million pests. It also leaves them plenty of time to consume wooden structures and other household materials like sheetrock, fabric, and cardboard, each contributing to their cellulose diet. Rather than allow your home to deteriorate, leaving you with an average of $1,800 in repairs, trust our Flex Pest Control experts for a direct pest control plan that starts working as soon as we begin treatment. 

Sentricon® Termite Pest Control Treatments 

Our best form of pest control in Gentry, AR, against termites, includes using Sentricon® System with Always Active™ technology rather than harsh sprays harmful to pet and human health. These systems have proven effective for over 20 years in all structures, from residential and commercial properties to landmarks like the White House and the Capitol Building. This environmental method works when:

  • We install bait stations around the outer property perimeter.
  • Termites wander into the bait stations for food that seems more appetizing than structural wood.
  • The slow-working poison allows the termites to bring the bait to the nest, where it gets to fellow termites, including the queen.
  • The colony dies out completely, leaving behind no survivors.

Our experts ensure the problem doesn’t resurface by maintaining the bait stations once a year. 

Immediate and Long-Lasting Relief from Your Neighbors

Our locally owned and operated team understands the hot and muggy 90-degree Gentry summer days force termites indoors when looking for a cool, damp place. We also know with their mating habits and destructive behavior, one resident’s concerns quickly become a neighborhood issue. That’s why, as your neighbor, Flex Pest Control uses top treatment and preventative methods for pest control in Gentry, AR, that take effect instantly. We go above and beyond for immediate and long-lasting relief. 

Pest Control

The Best Bed Bug Treatment Options in Gentry

Each female bed bug lays eggs daily, producing up to 500 eggs within its lifetime. Not only does this create an infestation quickly in your home, but since each egg is only one millimeter long, it’s difficult for the human eyes to uncover. Worse yet, bed bugs lay these eggs in crevices that (like their adult counterparts) are immune to some pesticides, making them hard to remove. Rather than blindly spray a DIY or store-bought solution, missing hard-to-reach spaces, trust us to rid your living space of bugs and eggs. 

Our Award-Winning Services Labeling Us the Best of Northwest Arkansas in 2020 and 2021

Flex Pest Control values quality communication that starts with us answering your call any time, from Monday to Saturday. Because you speak to an experienced pest management specialist, we promptly send out a bed bug exterminator. Communication, alongside the following, has won us the Best of Northwest Arkansas in 2020 and 2021: 

  • Same-day services: It’s bad enough to think of bed bugs where you rest your head, but they also get into couches, chairs, and other furniture, so we’ll come out the same day for an inspection.
  • Intricate inspections: A professional searches for eggs and living bugs to determine the extent of the infestation and the appropriate course of action.
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee: If bed bugs are still causing skin irritations and other symptoms after treatment, return with free services complements of our 30-day satisfaction guarantee. 
Pest Control

Unmatched Mosquito Control in Gentry

Mosquitos are the most annoying pest affecting every household annually as the weather warms. They limit outdoor activities, especially if your backyard comprises a lush yard with plenty of hiding spaces, stagnant water for reproduction, and heavy foot traffic. Unfortunately, they become a 24/7 nuisance when they enter your home, so consider our mosquito control services to enjoy your property again. 

Mosquito Relief That Stays With You All Season

After that first mosquito bite, you’ll do almost anything to prevent more, from getting out the bug spray and hanging zappers to cutting your grass low and removing stagnant water off your property. However, at best, these methods only protect a small area temporarily, so trust Flex Pest Control for long-term solutions that last all season.

Our QualityPro-Certified Gentry pest control treatments include everything, from misting larvacide and insecticide (whether one time or habitually) to setting up mosquito-specific traps that only infect the nuisance bugs. After conducting the following services, we guarantee you’ll notice results for a mosquito-free season:

  • An elaborate inspection pinpointing all breeding grounds on your property, which includes murky standing water in pools, outdoor pots, barrels, rain gutters, fountains, and bird baths
  • Neutralize larvae within these breeding grounds and remove water to prevent future infestations 
  • Return for monthly treatments that keep new infestations at bay 

Whether planning a weekend party or simply wanting to enjoy your backyard sooner, call before noon for same-day mosquito pest control in Gentry, AR.

Pest Control

Rodent Control in Gentry That Keep Scurrying Critters Away

The only thing worse than having rats or mice startle you as they scurry under your refrigerator, couch, or bed is seeing the damage they cause to expensive furniture, important documents, and cherished keepsakes. These pests also nibble through walls, ceilings, and floorboards, causing thousands of dollars in household damages, and that’s not even the worst part since they carry numerous diseases that they can transfer to your loved ones and pets, including typhus, Salmonella, and leptospirosis. Rather than share your space, contact Flex Pest Control to eliminate the threat. 

The Only Service You Need for Guaranteed Relief

While sticky or snapping pads may trap some of your nuisances that come out looking for food, most remain behind walls or in crawl spaces, you cannot reach. That means the rodents may reproduce faster than you catch them, keeping the infestation alive. Rather than break out the rat poison that your pets get into or spray toxic chemicals that affect the environment, trust our exterminators with the following: 

  • Inspect your home from the basement to the attic, leaving no crawl space unchecked for nests and other signs of infestation
  • Seal nooks and crannies around doors and windows alongside holes in external walls that would otherwise act as entry points
  • Provide a rodent-free guarantee that promises no more mice in your home, meaning you can call us for further services if you’re unhappy with our first
  • Trap mice instead of spraying for them to create a safe environment with humane efforts 

Start your rodent-free journey the same day you contact us if you call before noon to schedule your service.

Pest Control

Successful Mole Control in Gentry, AR

Moles are small burrowing creatures that, while uninterested in your house, love digging beneath your yard and garden. Although this may seem more harmless than mice and other indoor rodents, these pests create underground tunnels and volcano-like holes on the ground’s surface that ruin your picturesque property. As fellow members of this River Valley community, we understand this is unacceptable and provide quality and mole control for these and other types of pests outdoors. 

Our local company understands that with plenty of DIY removal methods available, from eradicating their food source of beetles and worms to using mole traps or poison, it may seem like the most cost-effective solution. However, our team has years of experience relocating moles so you can grow a beautiful yard with healthy plant and tree roots. Trust Flex Pest Control for effective pest control in Gentry, AR, by calling (479) 404-0800 for a free estimate.

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"Very pleased with the customer service and pest treatment with Flex. They let you know when they're on the way and do a thorough job when they arrive. They take the time to explain what they're doing and why. They are quick, efficient, and friendly. Highly recommend for anyone seeking pest control."

Our Online Reviews | Flex Pest Control
Shelby G. Bentonville, AR

"These guys do a great job on pest control. They use all natural products that are safe for my family and pets. They show up on time and are always willing to spray any additional areas that may need it, but we don't really ever find any bugs in our home since we began using their service. Great customer service and highly recommended."

Our Online Reviews | Flex Pest Control
Jim T Bentonville, AR

Extremely pleased! Mike and his crew were very friendly & professional. Spencer & Chris arrived right on time (8:00am) & stayed an hour or so. Since we have a pool & I have seen small ants around the landscaping stones, they sprayed something (I forgot the name of the chemical) to "draw out the bugs" then another pesticide to kill them.

Our Online Reviews | Flex Pest Control
Jackie F Bentonville, AR

We have used Flex for over a year now. They are always extremely professional, willing to answer any questions, and have always been quick to come out whenever an issue arrives. Most recently we had mice get into our home and Zach came out and quickly helped sort out the issues, set traps and sealed entrances. All the technicians we have had in the past have been great!!

Our Online Reviews | Flex Pest Control
Emily McEver

“I was very impressed with the professional and polite technician who came to treat my house. He was very efficient and explained every product he used. He covered every area that was intended and even added some ant traps since I had seen just one ant. I am pleased that I have begun using this company.”

Our Online Reviews | Flex Pest Control
Stephanie Harlan

Saul is a great pest guy! He was very professional, polite, on time, thorough, and listened to all my concerns. Flex Pest has been really easy to work with and has a great team. Flex Pest is more expensive than some companies in the area, but you get what you pay for! I personally don’t want to pay less and have issues with pests in my home and around my family. Thanks Flex!

Our Online Reviews | Flex Pest Control
Madison Middleton Bentonville, AR

This business is the best one Ive dealt with! They were efficient and did an amazing job taking care of my house with great costumer service!

Our Online Reviews | Flex Pest Control
Brynlee R Bentonville, AR

They are awesome! They even got some spray in my dog's water and changed it for us. We have a bunch of different animals and I love how they care for our animals just as much as we do. They do a great job!

Our Online Reviews | Flex Pest Control

They came and sprayed my bugs I had cockaroaches and ants all over after 2 visits I have never found one in my house again Ben was our technician and was very thorough and professional

Our Online Reviews | Flex Pest Control
Chris N

The team that came was super professional and friendly. They went the extra mile and refilled my dogs outside water after spraying when he absolutely didn’t have to. They go the extra mile to explain what they are doing and how it should work. I would highly recommend!

Our Online Reviews | Flex Pest Control
Michelle Puryear

I contacted Flex Pest control yesterday when we saw a mouse in our garage. They responded immediately and it was quick and simple to schedule service for the next day. Zach came out and was thorough and professional in addressing the problem. He was able to identify the entrance point and advised about how to fix it.

Our Online Reviews | Flex Pest Control
Robin Benson

They always give plenty of notice when they are coming and are very prompt. Very polite and do a very good job. No bugs!

Our Online Reviews | Flex Pest Control
Janet Wozny

Want to give a shout out to Zach Benson. I’ve been using home services for 20 years and Zach is by far the most thorough and professional technician. He is friendly and goes above and beyond when performing the service.

Our Online Reviews | Flex Pest Control
Mike Steffens

The team that came was super professional and friendly. They went the extra mile and refilled my dogs outside water after spraying when he absolutely didn’t have to. They go the extra mile to explain what they are doing and how it should work. I would highly recommend!

Our Online Reviews | Flex Pest Control
Michelle Puryear

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