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When unwanted invaders threaten your home’s comfort and interior structures, getting immediate services can save you money and frustration. That’s why we offer same-day services for pest control in Fayetteville, AR.

Advanced Techniques That Protect Your Family and Home

You might worry that pest control strategies like spraying chemicals indoors and outside could threaten your property, pets, or family. Our top-rated pest management specialists only use safe, environmentally friendly tools and techniques.


Pests may include anything from rodents to insects and can cause issues for your home’s interiors and exteriors. Ants are an incredibly pervasive problem in Arkansas, where invasive species like fire ants have become an increasingly big problem.


Termites cost homeowners billions in structural damage every year. Don’t let these vermin threaten your property.
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While most spiders are harmless, many people fear them. Either way, their presence also attracts insects to your home, requiring professional removal.
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Mosquitoes are infamous for their annoying bites that can cause itchiness, unsightly red spots, and even illness. Mosquitoes are known to transmit diseases like yellow fever, Zika fever, West Nile fever, and more.
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Fruit and other organic substances can invite hordes of flies that are incredibly difficult to remove without professional chemicals and techniques.
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Cockroaches are disgusting and can breed in large numbers within dark, warm spaces on your property. If you see one in your kitchen, you can be sure others are lurking not far away.
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The number one nuisance pest in North America, ants make up the majority of local pest problems.


Causing more than $5 billion in damage to homes across the United States each year.


Contrary to popular belief, spiders are not insects; they are actually arachnids, closely related to ticks and scorpions.


Adapted for aerial movement, and streamlined for speed, flies are some of the most difficult pests to catch.


Not only are mosquitoes known for disrupting outdoor activities, but they are also vectors for dangerous diseases.


Mostly nocturnal, cockroaches like to seek shelter from the outdoors. Likely to gravitate in dark, warm locations.
Pest Control

Excellent Residential and Commercial Pest Control in Fayetteville, AR

Whether your home or business is experiencing a problem with unwanted invaders, the Flex Pest Control professionals are your local experts for the job. We understand how different types of pests impact properties. That’s why we provide efficient, same-day services to promptly deal with your pest problems. Furthermore, we create a custom pest control plan to address your needs. Don’t let common pests ruin the comfort and safety of your residential or commercial property. Call our experts at (479) 404-0800 to request a free quote or schedule top-rated pest control in Fayetteville, AR.

Efficient Residential Pest Control Services in Fayetteville, AR

Common pests can make your home a far more unpleasant place. More importantly, pest problems can cause damage to your home’s structures. Invaders like spiders, termites, and rodents are not roommates you’ll want to have around for the long term. If you call us before noon, we can arrive at your property the same day to eliminate pests. Our professionals can perform pest control treatments to eliminate the following:

  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Silverfish
  • Ants
  • Termites
  • Bed bugs
  • Rodents
  • Mosquitoes
  • Moles
  • Wasps
  • And more!
Expert Pest Control Specialists Utilizing the Best Tools and Treatments Available

The prospect of spraying chemicals inside or outside your property to eliminate pests can seem daunting. What if these substances cause accidental harm to your family or pets? When you call Flex Pest Control, you can take comfort in knowing we only use environmentally friendly treatments for pest control that are safe for your family and pets. Many of our products are organic to minimize impacts on those with allergies and chemical sensitivities. Furthermore, our professionals undergo extensive training, licensing, and certification to ensure they always provide the best service for your home.

Long-Term Exterminations and Preventative Techniques

Hiring pest management services is useless if pesky intruders return to your property immediately after treatment in Fayetteville, AR. Along with our extensive inspections to eliminate the source of infestations, we take preventative measures to guarantee pests stay gone for good. In the rare event, you notice issues with pests soon after receiving one of our treatments, we’ll return to your home free of charge to retreat any infested areas. That’s because customer satisfaction and effective services are our priorities.

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Pest Control

Protect Your Property and Family With Top-Rated Mosquito Control in Fayetteville, AR

Mosquitoes pose one of the greatest threats to family, friends, loved ones, or customers visiting your residential or commercial property. As carriers of some of the worst global diseases, mosquitos can negatively impact your health. Therefore, it’s essential not to ignore large numbers of mosquitoes gathering inside or outside your property.

During seasonal weather changes, mosquito problems can worsen. The hottest months of the year create the humid conditions that allow these pests to thrive. Furthermore, increased rainfall and airborne moisture make mosquitoes particularly prominent during the summer. Whether you require seasonal or year-round mosquito control, Flex Pest Control is here for you. When you enlist our experts, you’ll receive the following:

  • A thorough inspection of your property to identify the source of mosquito infestations
  • Standing water removal and sterilization to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds
  • Routine treatments to address particularly stubborn mosquito populations
  • Excellent customer service and a custom pest control plan from qualified professionals
  • And much more!
Effective Treatments and Techniques for Mosquitoes

Flex Pest Control professionals train to understand mosquitoes’ behaviors and mating patterns. As a result, we can effectively target and eliminate the source of infestations causing mosquito issues for your home or business. We can efficiently perform sterilization or standing water removal to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds in your vicinity.

Routine Treatments During Seasonal Mosquito Population Increases

From April to September, mosquito populations thrive on seasonal weather changes like increased heat and humidity. During these months, our team offers routine treatments for your property to keep pest populations at bay. We’ll come once a month to eliminate any new or lingering sources of mosquito infestations on your residential or commercial property.

Pest Control

Protect Your Home or Business With Termite Control in Fayetteville, AR

Termites can cause various problems for your home or business. With their annoying habit of chewing into the wooden structures that support your property, you could lose thousands of dollars from a termite infestation. That’s why it’s essential to call pest management experts to perform termite removal treatments the moment you notice a problem. Call our team to schedule termite removal and pest control in Fayetteville, AR, today.

Certified Termite Removal Experts Using the Best Technology Available

Our certified and licensed professionals use only the best tools and techniques to eliminate termite populations from your home or business. We believe in quality and want your property to remain free of termites long after our services. At Flex Pest Control, we use the number one Sentricon® System with Always Active™ technology. This control system attacks termite infestations at their source to remove pest populations. Keep termite populations at bay for good by calling our experts today.

A Locally Owned and Operated Business Invested in Our Community

When you invite pest management professionals into your home, you want to know these strangers are trustworthy and discreet. As a locally owned and operated company, Flex Pest Control has earned the trust of Fayetteville home and business owners by providing top-quality pest control, a solid work ethic, and excellent customer service. We treat every client like a family member and work hard to keep you happy throughout the pest removal process.

Pest Control

Keep Your Nighttime Sanctuary Safe With Bed Bug Treatment in Fayetteville, AR

Bed bugs can travel into your home from many different sources. Regardless of where they come from, these unwanted pests can degrade the place you should feel most relaxed. Even when you realize you’re experiencing a bed bug problem, bed bugs hide in hard-to-reach areas and might be impacting your home far more than you realize.

Calling qualified experts to provide effective treatments for bed bugs the moment you notice the problem is crucial. In the worst cases, these intruders can cause infections, itchiness, and even anaphylaxis. Don’t let your property experience a long-term attack from bed bugs — call the professionals at Flex Pest Control. When you work with our experts for bed bug treatments, you receive the following:

  • Thorough inspections of each room on your property to identify the extent of the bed bug problem
  • Effective and efficient bed bug treatments to eradicate all those pesky intruders
  • Long-term routine services to keep bed bugs at bay
  • A 30-day pest elimination guarantee
  • Peace of mind that we can handle future infestations
  • And much more!
Premium Heat Treatments With High-Quality Tools

The most effective way to remove bed bugs is to apply heat treatments that ward off these pests. However, not every pest control management company has the tools and technical understanding to perform these treatments. Our qualified, licensed, certified professionals offer effective bed bug control by utilizing the latest heat treatments. With the best services in the area, you can count on our experts to eliminate bed bugs from your property.

Pest Control

High-Quality Rodent Control Specialists for Your Home or Business in Fayetteville, AR

Have you started noticing small animal droppings in your kitchen or drawers? Do you frequently hear scratching coming from your walls or ceiling? These worrisome signs might indicate your property is experiencing a rodent problem. From small mice to rat infestations, rodents represent some of the least welcome pests in any home or business. These invaders can chew through electrical wiring for residential properties and make your home filthy. Meanwhile, business customers who notice a rat or mouse problem are highly unlikely to patronize your establishment again. Therefore, getting rodent control in Fayetteville, AR, is the key to protecting your residential or commercial property.

Attacking Rodent Infestations by Identifying the Source

Many causes could lead to a rodent infestation. When you call Flex Pest Control, we work hard to identify the root cause of your mouse or rat problems. Whether your issues originate from food sources or other organic matter, we implement rodent control solutions to remove the vermin permanently. Our qualified professionals can protect your residential or commercial property from a damaging rodent infestation.

Comprehensive Treatments Using Safe and Humane Methods

While you might not want mice or rats taking up residence in your home or business, they are still living creatures and deserve fair treatment. That’s why we use safe and humane methods to remove rodents from your property. When you choose Flex Pest Control, you can be confident our team will protect your home with the finest methods. Call today to request a free quote or schedule rodent removal services.

Pest Control

Targeted Mole Control Services To Protect Your Yard in Fayetteville, AR

When most property owners consider the types of pests that could threaten their space, they usually don’t think about moles. But moles pose an imminent threat to your outdoor spaces. As they burrow and dig holes in your front and back yard, moles damage plant root systems and wreak havoc on your greenspaces. If you notice small mounds of dirt accumulating in your yard, you likely have a mole infestation on your hands. Call Flex Pest Control to address your home’s mole problem quickly and effectively.

Our Professionals Remove Moles With Effective and Humane Methods

Removing moles is a complex process requiring specialized tools and techniques. Because these rodents burrow into your yard with complicated tunnels, they require experts with mole removal experience to ensure proper elimination. Our exterminators use safe and humane techniques to remove moles from your property. These services will eliminate the unsightly dirt mounds moles cause in your yard and save you hundreds or thousands in yard damage from mole tunnels. Experts from Flex Pest Control attack mole infestations at the source, breaking up tunnel systems that allow mole populations to thrive. Call us to service your property if you notice signs of mole damage.

Flex Pest Control offers the most highly qualified professionals in the area to remove moles from your property. We can perform same-day services to protect your yard from mole-related issues. Our experts can also inspect your property thoroughly to check for signs of other unwanted invaders. Working with Flex Pest Control means having the best in the industry. For more information about pest control in Fayetteville, AR, from top-rated experts, call (479) 404-0800 and request a free quote from Flex Pest Control.

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"Very pleased with the customer service and pest treatment with Flex. They let you know when they're on the way and do a thorough job when they arrive. They take the time to explain what they're doing and why. They are quick, efficient, and friendly. Highly recommend for anyone seeking pest control."

Our Online Reviews | Flex Pest Control
Shelby G. Bentonville, AR

"These guys do a great job on pest control. They use all natural products that are safe for my family and pets. They show up on time and are always willing to spray any additional areas that may need it, but we don't really ever find any bugs in our home since we began using their service. Great customer service and highly recommended."

Our Online Reviews | Flex Pest Control
Jim T Bentonville, AR

Extremely pleased! Mike and his crew were very friendly & professional. Spencer & Chris arrived right on time (8:00am) & stayed an hour or so. Since we have a pool & I have seen small ants around the landscaping stones, they sprayed something (I forgot the name of the chemical) to "draw out the bugs" then another pesticide to kill them.

Our Online Reviews | Flex Pest Control
Jackie F Bentonville, AR

We have used Flex for over a year now. They are always extremely professional, willing to answer any questions, and have always been quick to come out whenever an issue arrives. Most recently we had mice get into our home and Zach came out and quickly helped sort out the issues, set traps and sealed entrances. All the technicians we have had in the past have been great!!

Our Online Reviews | Flex Pest Control
Emily McEver

“I was very impressed with the professional and polite technician who came to treat my house. He was very efficient and explained every product he used. He covered every area that was intended and even added some ant traps since I had seen just one ant. I am pleased that I have begun using this company.”

Our Online Reviews | Flex Pest Control
Stephanie Harlan

Saul is a great pest guy! He was very professional, polite, on time, thorough, and listened to all my concerns. Flex Pest has been really easy to work with and has a great team. Flex Pest is more expensive than some companies in the area, but you get what you pay for! I personally don’t want to pay less and have issues with pests in my home and around my family. Thanks Flex!

Our Online Reviews | Flex Pest Control
Madison Middleton Bentonville, AR

This business is the best one Ive dealt with! They were efficient and did an amazing job taking care of my house with great costumer service!

Our Online Reviews | Flex Pest Control
Brynlee R Bentonville, AR

They are awesome! They even got some spray in my dog's water and changed it for us. We have a bunch of different animals and I love how they care for our animals just as much as we do. They do a great job!

Our Online Reviews | Flex Pest Control

They came and sprayed my bugs I had cockaroaches and ants all over after 2 visits I have never found one in my house again Ben was our technician and was very thorough and professional

Our Online Reviews | Flex Pest Control
Chris N

The team that came was super professional and friendly. They went the extra mile and refilled my dogs outside water after spraying when he absolutely didn’t have to. They go the extra mile to explain what they are doing and how it should work. I would highly recommend!

Our Online Reviews | Flex Pest Control
Michelle Puryear

I contacted Flex Pest control yesterday when we saw a mouse in our garage. They responded immediately and it was quick and simple to schedule service for the next day. Zach came out and was thorough and professional in addressing the problem. He was able to identify the entrance point and advised about how to fix it.

Our Online Reviews | Flex Pest Control
Robin Benson

They always give plenty of notice when they are coming and are very prompt. Very polite and do a very good job. No bugs!

Our Online Reviews | Flex Pest Control
Janet Wozny

Want to give a shout out to Zach Benson. I’ve been using home services for 20 years and Zach is by far the most thorough and professional technician. He is friendly and goes above and beyond when performing the service.

Our Online Reviews | Flex Pest Control
Mike Steffens

The team that came was super professional and friendly. They went the extra mile and refilled my dogs outside water after spraying when he absolutely didn’t have to. They go the extra mile to explain what they are doing and how it should work. I would highly recommend!

Our Online Reviews | Flex Pest Control
Michelle Puryear

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