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Pest Control In All Different Seasons

Pest control in Arkansas is an all-year-round duty. That being said, some seasons are more troublesome than others. Hence, you must know how the different seasons influence pest growth to deal with them effectively.

To help you out, we’re going to go over the different seasons, the kind of common household pests they attract, and the most effective strategies to keep your house pest-free. So, without any further ado, let’s get right to it.

Spring Pest Control in Arkansas

The return of warmer weather across the country, blooming flowers, and bright sunny skies are clear indications of spring. Unfortunately, the list doesn’t end here; the appearance of seasonal pests, including termites, wasps, and moles, also signals the start of spring. As a matter of fact, a lot of insect & pest control companies view this time of year as the beginning of pest season while insects start to emerge from their winter hiding places and establish their colonies.

So, what sort of pests and bugs can you anticipate in the spring?


In spring, termites start mating and establishing new colonies. They enjoy warm temperatures, especially after rain during their “swarming season”. Termites are very destructive and can cause you huge losses as they enter your house through cracks, expansion joints, hollow bricks, concrete blocks, around plumbing, and through the soil. They can squeeze through gaps as small as 1/30th of an inch! So, if you want to prevent termite infestation in your house, you need to take stringent termite control measures.

The first step is to plug any openings that termites could use to enter your house. Additionally, you should remove all termite feeding sources, such as cardboard boxes, bags, papers, and newspapers. Repair water leaks as soon as possible and replace any damaged wood in (or around) your house.

If you want to investigate longer-term termite treatment solutions in Arkansas, try investing in furniture made from naturally termite-resistant woods, e.g., redwood, bald cypress, and black walnut.


Wasps also start thriving when spring arrives. The queen wasps first rise and venture forth in search of food and a suitable location to build their nest. In the spring, they establish their colonies and construct their nests. They can wreak havoc by building their nests and inflicting construction damage. Additionally, wasp stings might result in allergic reactions in some people.

To prevent wasps from spreading near your home, keep outdoor trash cans covered, get rid of any standing water, and, if required, take more dramatic preventive steps like getting a fake nest. This is a wise step since wasps don’t construct their nests next to one another, and wasp nest removal is not an easy task for a homeowner.


As an Arkansas homeowner, nothing is more upsetting than seeing your property and beautiful lawns being ravaged by moles. Early spring is often when mole activity is at its peak. Therefore, if you notice mounds of excavated soil thrown up on the surface of lawns and flower beds (called molehills), especially in the early months of spring, there is a good chance that your lawn is mole-infested

To prevent this from happening, you can either look into professional mole control services or use the following strategies:

  • Mole Repellent

Spray a homemade solution of three parts castor oil and one part dish soap (mixed with water) on your lawn and the openings to the mole tunnels. The castor oil will not kill the moles, but it will upset their digestive systems, making them seek out alternative food sources.

  • Ultrasonic Devices

Moles don’t prefer to hide in places with a lot of noise disruption. So, look for sonic spikes for mole control. The gadgets, which you need to bury in the ground, emit electronic pulses that can scare off the pests.

Summer Pest Control In Arkansas

Summertime means sending your kids to play outdoors, but once they go outdoors, you might find them coming inside complaining about pests. Ants, mosquitoes, and other pest infestations can ruin your family’s outdoor spaces during the summer.

Let’s look at some pests (and Arkansas pest control strategies) you should be familiar with.


Throughout its lifecycle, a mosquito needs heat and water to survive, and Arkansas summers provide just that. The warm weather and humidity coupled with melting ice (and emerging puddles of water) give mosquitoes the perfect breeding ground. In fact, the Arkansas Department of Health, in its recent press release, encouraged Arkansans to take precautions during mosquito season.

So, what actions can you take for mosquito control? For starters, eliminate any standing water near your house to start preventing mosquitoes early in their lifecycle. This includes cleaning up things like play boxes, birdbaths, and flipped-up lids. Don’t forget to remove leaves and other debris from your gutters to avoid water accumulation. Additionally, remember to spray your house frequently with mosquito repellent, especially at night.


Nowadays, you can spot ticks all year round. However, ticks are most common during summer, when the temperature is higher. Although they are not restricted to grassy or forested locations, these tiny bloodsuckers usually hide in these places.

Even though you can make do with DIYs like vinegar and essential oils, the most effective way to prevent ticks is to use repellents approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). You can choose the product that best meets your needs by using the search tool by EPA. Just be sure to always adhere to product guidelines.

Carpenter Ants

These are some of the biggest ants you might come across in Arkansas, and if you discover them in your house, know that you are up for some real trouble. They don’t eat wood, but they do remove a lot of it to increase the size of their nest, which can lead to structural damage in your house.

The best way to keep these ants out of your space is to ensure there is no food lying around. In addition, repair rotten roof shingles and fascia because carpenter ants are drawn to decaying wood. Lastly, placing cinnamon sticks around different corners of your home is another natural way to keep them out.

Fall Pest Control In Arkansas

Getting ready for the fall and holidays involves many things, but for a lot of homeowners, looking into pest services in Arkansas is not one of them. Although certain insect populations decline with the arrival of cooler weather, others become more active or thrive in these environments.


When the weather becomes chilly, cockroaches may start coming indoors in search of warmth, food, and water. You may have a roach infestation if you notice numerous cockroaches in your home, especially of different sizes.

The easiest approach to prevent a roach infestation in your home is with proactive control, i.e., removing hiding spots by decluttering your home, minimizing sources of food supplies, and reducing breeding grounds.

Avoid using over-the-counter sprays since they only kill roaches on contact and have no effect on their reproduction. The best course of action is to speak with an exterminator about a pest control plan that will involve a complete inspection and regular treatment.


Rodents, like rats and mice, will also begin building nests in your home’s walls, attic, or basement as soon as the temperatures drop. If left unchecked, these pests are known to reproduce very quickly, so you need to act fast.

Trapping and baiting are two common methods for getting rid of rodents. When trapping, use snap-style traps, which are made to kill rats instantly. With baiting, make sure to use tamper-proof bait stations to keep the baits in place. Put the traps/baits along pathways where you usually see gnaw marks and droppings.

Winter Pest Control In Arkansas

As winter draws near, the absence of flying insects like mosquitoes, flies, and bees is one obvious difference everyone notices. However, a lack of flying pests does not mean a complete relief from these nuisances, as winter brings its own set of pest problems. Here are some common winter pests that you may have to deal with:


Spiders may seem like a summertime issue, but they may also cause some serious trouble during winters. Spiders prefer hiding indoors, preferably in shadowy areas, and can outlive many other pests. As a result, you might find them amongst stacks of papers, inside your shoes, in your garage, or between wall cracks.

To prevent spiders from invading your house—as with many other pests—keeping your house clean and frequently dusting empty spaces will help you for the most part.


Beetles are more typical in winter than you may think. They are usually looking for warmth to combat the cold weather. So, you’ll find them sheltering in your home’s warmest spaces during the winter, such as next to a water heater or a cloth dryer.

Although they don’t do much damage, they can reproduce very quickly and infest your home. Sticky traps are usually useful for reducing beetle growth in your home. Buy a few of these traps from your neighborhood hardware shop and set them up wherever you notice beetle activity. You can also go for DIY solutions involving essential oils or apple cider vinegar.

Professional Pest Control Service In Arkansas

With DIY tricks, you can control a few pests or bugs here and there. But there’s only so much you can handle yourself. So, if the situation worsens and all other measures fail, it’s time to hand your pest issues off to a trusted Arkansas pest control company.

We at Flex Pest Control are here to help if you’re looking for pest control services throughout all four seasons. From spring to winter, our trained exterminators can provide the best services all year round to help you eliminate ants, cockroaches, wasps, and spiders, among many other pests.

That’s exactly what you want, right?


When it comes to preventing costly pest infestations, understanding the seasonality of pests can guide your best practices and make a significant difference. But no homeowner wants to deal with bugs, regardless of the time of year.

So, if you find it difficult to deal with those pesky pests on your own, speaking with a pest management company can take the burden off your shoulder. If you’re looking for trusted pest services in Arkansas, contact Flex Pest Control today!